Professional Experience

  • 2008- Cakir Law & Consultancy

The firm offers legal consultancy in both English and Turkish on Commercial Law as well as Labor Law and Civil Law. Also serves in the areas of Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law.

  • 2006-2008 Marmara Law Office – Partner - İzmir

Offered legal services for 13 Banks in İzmir on mortgage and Property Law, Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law. Also gave legal consultancy for some reputable companies especially in the fields of Labor Law and Commercial Law. As a partner; was the responsible lawyer for cases on Administrative Law, Commercial Law and international clients.

  • 2005-2006 Bumin Anal Law Office-İzmir

Worked in the field of Commercial Law especially mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.Responsible for the solution of the legal disputes arising out of, involving, or relating to International companies.Preparation of credit agreements between local companies and domestic or international credit institutions. Preparation of the tender files to the port privatization projects especially İskenderun Port. Responsible for the correspondence between the law firm and the international companies.

  • 2001-2003 Maltepe University Law Faculty-İstanbul

Worked as a research assistant in the administrative law branch with Prof. Dr. A.Ülkü AZRAK



  • 2000-2003 Marmara University - European Community Institute

European Union Law Master Degree, Master thesis with the topic “ State of Emergency in European Human Rights Law and the State of Emergency Regime in Turkey “has sucesfully been presented .

  • 1994-2000 Marmara University Law Faculty
  • 1987-1994 American Collegiate Institute

Foreign Languages

  • English (Advanced)
  • German